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2″ Glow Tape


Glowing intensely in the dark, Glow Tape is spot on for marking backstage areas, dark stages and for use during blackouts. Count on our Glow Tape for efficient, long lasting, luminescent performance

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Product Description

In principle, this chemical light source (the “glow” part of glow tape) is designed to absorb energy from any nearby ambient light source such as incandescent light, florescent lamps, and sunlight. Once the source of extraneous light is shut off, glow film immediately emits a light of its own (a green-yellow glow).

There is no limit to the number of times the product can be recharged. To recharge, three to ten seconds of exposure to light is normally all that is required, it usually glows for 4-8 hrs. Many people use an old camera flash to quickly charge their glow tape. Other ways people recharge their glow tape: flashlight, sunlight, LED flashlight and regular lighting.

Using a blacklight will cause glow tape to glow while under it. Due to the wavelength of blacklight itself, it will take longer for the glow tape to recharge if being recharged using blacklight.

Glow tape is fairly durable under weather because it is essentially plastic. The adhesive on the backing of the glow tape can peel up if exposed to excessive moisture wither indoors or outdoors. To prevent that, glow tape is often stapled to the surface it is adhered to in extremely wet or humid climates.

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