field template 1

1/4″ Stage Lighting Template



Product Description

The 1/4″ Stage Fixture Field Template™ is one of the flagships of the Field Template™ Family, known in the industry as Reference Manuals in Plastic. Not only does it provide you with information about each kind of lighting instrument, it eliminates scale rules and additional steps, reducing the time required to draft a 1/4″ scale light plot.

The patented PRO•TRAK 50 System aligns the symbols onto horizontal axes (so you don’t have to shift the template up and down to trace different instruments).

The bold vertical lines are 1’-6″ apart (So all the symbols are the same distance apart).

The scaled rulers on the top and bottom of the template are reversed (So you don’t have to flip the template around like a lasso to measure distances left and right from centerline).

The Grid•Dots are located at 45° around each symbol (So you can trace instruments at matching 45° angles without a triangle).

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs