Albany Theatre Supply Co., provides service and repair in the following areas:

Stage Curtains and Tracks: We offer cleaning and repair of damaged stage and window curtains. We also offer repair and adjustment of curtain tracks and rigging.

Flame Proofing: Although some variation in local law, it is generally required to show proof of flame retardancy for all stage curtains, window curtains and stage fabrics. We provide on site cleaning and flame proofing for all your required fabrics. We also provide dry cleaning and flame proofing by submersion, this process involves removal of the curtains which are sent to the factory for complete cleaning,repair, and flame proofing.We provide a certificate of flame retardancy upon completion of this process.

35mm Projection Equipment: All maintenance and repair of 35mm projection booth equipment is provided by our experienced technician. Call to schedule an appointment.

Stage Lighting and Dimming Equipment: Our experienced technicians provide complete service for your stage lighting fixtures, control boards,dimming systems, and special effects.

Audio Systems:We provide service and repair of speakers , amplifiers,microphones,and all of your audio equipment.

Stage Inspections: The stage area is one of the most used spaces in your facility. Musical events, plays, conferences, and rehearsals, all occur in this area.We have found that due to inexperienced people and inproperly hung sets and props, that the stage is a potential accident ready to happen.  We offer a complete inch by inch inspection of your stage, including stage curtains and tracks, counter weight systems, lighting,and all over head rigging and hardware.


To learn more about these services we offer, feel free to contact us at 518.229.7899